New preprint!

Bacterial sepsis triggers stronger transcriptomic responses in larger primates

I am happy to report that a paper I’ve been working on for a long time is finally available on BioRxiv. We’ve submitted it to a few big-name journals at this point without success, and I’m now reformatting it for another submission. But in the meantime, we figured it was time to get it out there in some form!

This one was quite a departure from my previous expertise. I had to learn a few new bioinformatic tools and databases to work with comparative primate transcriptomes. Started from scratch with a reanalysis after a couple of journal submissions because I had finally figured out how to include a few more samples, and had some ideas to make the stats more robust. I certainly learned a ton along the way, and when it’s accepted at a peer-reviewed journal, I’ll finally have a no-arguments first-author paper. I thank my coauthors for the opportunity!

Let me know if you have any thoughts on the paper! I may write a more in-depth summary over at The Cnidae Gritty, too.